Profile of the American tourist that travels to the Mexican Caribbean

Mexico breaks the record number of visits in 2017 with 39.3 million tourists, we analyze the profile and perceptions of the main international market: Americans.

According to what the Tourism Secretary reported last February, the number of travelers that visited Mexico during 2017 grew by 12% compared to 2016, and this growth has been prolonged during this year’s first months. The report published by DATATUR collects the last results of the tourist activity from January to April 2018, during which a total of 13.9 million international tourists arrived, (10,2%, more than in 2017). During this period, the US market stood out with 56,6% arrivals to the destination by air, followed by Canada with 17,7%.

Mabrian Technologies has made a study of the profile, characteristics and motivations of Americans interested in the most imortant tourist destination in the country, the Mexican Caribbean, this from the analysis of their spontaneous interactions in Social Networks and opinion portals. More than 1,06 million tourist mentions and 164.000 hotel ratings in relation to Quintana Roo (Riviera Maya, Cancun and Isla Mujeres) have been analyzed for this study, during the first half of 2018 and the same period of the year before.

The satisfaction indexes created by Mabrian, from Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technology, allow to understand and measure the users’ perceptions in relation to key aspects for the destination: Global Satisfaction (GTPi), Tourist Products (TPi), Hotel Service (HSi) and both Security (PSi) and Climate (PCi) Perception.

The US market reflects a very good global satisfaction level with the destination, however, it shows a downward trend in virtually all indicators, regarding the first quarter of 2017. The satisfaction index with the tourist product (TPi) is the one that shows biggest improvement margin, like the hotel satisfaction index (HSi), despite being the only one that grows in the year-on year comparison.

Regarding the interests that these visitors show in their interactions in Social Networks, classic tourist products from Caribbean destinations stand out: Sun and Beach, Active and Family tourism.

However, it’s remarkable that the satisfaction level shown by this market for the classic tourist products, reflects a notable decrease compared to the previous period. This trend could be an indicator of certain saturation in the destination, which impacts on the visitors’ experience.

The study has also included a specific analysis of the satisfaction shown by Americans with respect to hotel services. For this, 164.000 comments have been analyzed on 340 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in Quintana Roo.

In general, the American visitor values very positively the hotel service, with almost 70 points out of 100, showing a slight increase in satisfaction in all categories, compared to the first half of 2017.

The 3 star category, is the one that offers a greater improvement margin, despite being at a good level.

From the specific analysis of Americans’ concrete satisfaction by each one of the departments that make up the hotel service, it’s observed that the most valued aspects are the staff, location and entertainment, while the least valued is the room in all categories.

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