Touristic pressure does not affect Lisbon’s touristic satisfaction

The report presented on the first week of April by the Portugal’s Planeamento e Desenvolvimiento do Turismo (IPDT) has provoked diverse reactions. The newspaper’s headline is shocking: «Lisbon and Oporto register more touristic pressure than cities like London, Paris or Barcelona».

The IPDT’s study stablishes comparisons between the number of tourists that these cities receive and their inhabitants. So, Lisbon receives 9 visitors per year for each resident; Oporto, 8. Other reference destinations like Barcelona or London receive en between 4 and 5 tourists per inhabitant, reflecting a lower touristic pressure than the Portuguese capitals, under this calculation method.

Is this pressure causing impact on the visitors’ satisfaction of the capital of the country that in 2017 was named best touristic destination in the world (World Travel Awards)? How to measure the effects on the satisfaction of customers who choose to spend their holidays in the most successful cities?

The Touristic Travel Intelligence tool developed by Mabrian Technologies allows, among other utilities, to evaluate the tourists’ perceptions in their destinations, with indexes that are calculated based on real mentions and comments on the main Social Networks and review platforms. An open-market and in real-time study that values the spontaneous opinions of hundreds of thousands of users.

Between January 1st and April 8th 2018, Mabrian’s platform has analyzed more than 398.000 touristic mentions related to Lisbon. Filtered through the owns platform algorithm, developed over more than 6 years, specialized in Natural Language Processing techniques (PNL) and endowed with Artificial Intelligence, offer reliable indicators about the touristic perception in aspects such as touristic products and venues, climate and security perception, and hotel satisfaction.

The Global Satisfaction Index (GTPi) in Lisbon rates 86,45 points out of 100, in the studied period, a scale that surpasses the London one (81,93 points, based on 3,200,000 mentions), and the Barcelona’s one (83,09 points based on 1,030,000 mentions). In the touristic Product Satisfaction Index (TPi), the difference is more noticeable: the tourists’ valuations in Lisbon mark 78,39 points, while in Barcelona are 68,95 and in London 66,67.

Mabrian’s indexes offer a deep and very segmented knowledge of the users’ interests in relation with the destination and allow to monitor their valuations. This observation of behaviors and trends around the world is done from both transactional and online behavior data collected from stable and reliable sources, covering the complete cycle of the touristic experience. The analysis done through these tools allow to detect and foresee market dynamics that might otherwise go unnoticed. A robust support for the traditional study methods, that favours strategic decision making by minimizing the margin of error.

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