Mabrian, Travel Intelligence reference in the Forum TurisTIC in Barcelona

The Travel Intelligence platform developed by Mabrian has been one of the protagonists of the Forum TurisTIC, celebrated in Barcelona on April 10.

Mabrian Technologies’ CEO, Santi Camps, shed the keys of the platform, that collects, filters and analyzes millions of data coming from diverse sources (Big Data) to generate relevant knowledge about the tourists’ experience and plot predictions more than one year away. «Mabrian follows from the tourist’s decision process to the opinions that he emits in the destination, and allow the company managers and institutions to know what is the acceptance of the various products that they offer, on real data», highlights Camps.

Mabrian’s pioneering experience has managed to transform the management paradigm of tour operators. The Travel Intelligence makes possible to answer in a concrete way the basic questions in any circumstance: what happens in the touristic business, where it happens, when and how.

The data Mabrian collects, filters and analyzes represent a solid foundation on which to make strategic decisions when, without this Big Data application, could only be based in historical data, previous experience or intuitions. «With Mabrian, public and private managers have impartial elements that explain the tourist’s behavior in its destination. And can make better decisions», highlights the person in charge of the company.

The Forum TurisTIC brings together tourism professionals around the new technological solutions to explore the benefits of information and communication technologies (TCI) applied to the sector. Companies, innovators and technological developers come to the meeting in search of synergies, inspiration and business opportunities.


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