Colombia, pioneer in the use of touristic Big Data

The MINCIT (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia) promotes its positioning in the market through the use of Mabrian’s®  Travel Intelligence platform.

During 2017 Mabrian Technologies’ platform has collected more than 6,1 million touristic mentions about Colombia, that have allowed to provide a deep knowledge of the behaviour and the real perceptions of of travelers about the destination, and therefore, a solid and up-to-date basis that destination managers can use to make their decisions.

Algorithms specialised in Natural Language Processing and doted with Artificial Intelligence make possible to filter and analyse the millions of data generated by visitors’ online behaviour (searches, Social Networks, opinion platforms, etc.). With all this we form a detailed profile (aggregated and anonymous) of the tourists, their interests and perceptions.

Two of the most interesting markets for Colombia are the Spanish and the North American, which were the two non-Latin American origins that grew more within last year’s top 10 markets for the country, according to 2017’s Colombian Touristic Information Center (CITUR) report.

Both markets show a good global assessment of the destination, that is reflected in a global touristic perception index of 77,32 points (out of 100) on the part of Spanish visitors and a slightly higher assessment, 77,47, on the North American’s part. Both indicators are higher than the average obtained by the country in its set of visitors, that is placed in a very remarkable 76,46.

Hotel service ratings are also very positive from both markets. The hotel satisfaction index, based on the 93.518 reviews of the own users collected from the 853 hotels monitored in the country, places the American tourists’ satisfaction level in 71,62 points and in 69,54 points the Spanish tourists’ one.

In terms of touristic products that generate more interest in the destination, Art and Culture is the most mentioned by both tourists from United States and Spain, according to touristic Big Data. However, they differ on the second most mentioned touristic product, the Spanish opt for Nightlife while the North American do for Food and Gastronomy.

It highlights as well the good assessment of security and climate perception indexes, that for both markets exceed 80 points out of 100.

Mabrian offers through its platform in cloud, updated, representative and accurate information about the destination, that allows the managers to define all the travel cycle, from the inspirational searching moment, price comparison and booking pattern, going through the behavior and spend in destination, to the sentiment analysis and its satisfaction.

With Mabrian’s platform launch, Colombia positions at the Forefront in the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence advanced tools in the touristic sector, reaffirming its firm commitment for a sector considered strategic for the country.

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