Touristic satisfaction, affected by the climate change

The cold wave at the Canary Islands decreases the satisfaction shown by tourists.

The Canary Islands, one of the most important Spanish touristic destination, sited in the African continent and characterised for being a sun and beach destination all year round, have been affected, since last December, by several cold waves and also storms that have directly impacted on the tourist’s perceived satisfaction about the destination.

This fact can currently be measured and monitored in time thanks to the Climate Perception index (PCi) calculated by Mabrian’s Travel Intelligence platform.

This index measures the difference between the visitor’s previous expectations and the related to climatology feeling they express during their visit. This way, it’s clearly detected that the Canary Islands tourists’ expectations are dissatisfied because of temperature drops and bad weather during the destination’s high season, which has provoked a fall in this index compared to the previous season.

The PCi between December 1st 2017 and February 7th 2018 shows a rating of 67,26 points from 100, while during the same dates the year before it marked a better valuation, with 75,91 points.

This significant decrease of almost 9 points directly affects the assessment of the global tourist satisfaction measured with Mabrian’s index (GTPi), which this year rates 81,97 from 100, in front of last’s year 85,02 points.

Regarding to the destination’s main touristic product, sun and beach, it develops in the same way, as it suffers a decrease both in the interest shown through the volume of mentions and its satisfaction, while the second and third product in importance, Natural and Active, increases in interest but decreases in terms of satisfaction.

This can be explained because tourists look for alternative activities to the beach, but their experiences are not as satisfying as expected because they are affected by a non convenient climatology.

Using Language Natural Processing (PNL) technics algorithms equipped with Artificial Intelligence on a large volume of data (Big Data), Mabrian’s platform can measure the user’s sentiment of a destination in relation to various factors: climatology, security, touristic product and hotel satisfaction.

The temporary tracking of these KPIs allows the managers of a destination to identify and measure trends in real time, to make decisions and quickly react.

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