Big Data for Travel Intelligence

Touristic pressure does not affect Lisbon’s touristic satisfaction

The report presented on the first week of April by the Portugal’s Planeamento e Desenvolvimiento do Turismo (IPDT) has provoked diverse reactions. The newspaper’s headline is shocking: «Lisbon and Oporto register more touristic pressure than cities like London, Paris or Barcelona». The IPDT’s study stablishes comparisons between the number of tourists that these cities receive […]

Mabrian, Travel Intelligence reference in the Forum TurisTIC in Barcelona

The Travel Intelligence platform developed by Mabrian has been one of the protagonists of the Forum TurisTIC, celebrated in Barcelona on April 10. Mabrian Technologies’ CEO, Santi Camps, shed the keys of the platform, that collects, filters and analyzes millions of data coming from diverse sources (Big Data) to generate relevant knowledge about the tourists’ […]

Colombia, cultural destination on the rise in Easter

An increase of the interest for cultural and religious touristic products has been detected in comparison with Easter 2017. Easter is a period of rest and devotion for Colombians, who count with numerous places of religious worship and deep-rooted traditions. The cultural and religious touristic products are touristic venues that the Colombian Ministry of Culture, […]

Improving hotels’ services, key to compete with AirBnb

The hotel sector has been affected in the last years by the emergence of non-hotel touristic accommodation platforms, lead by AirBnb, that have revolutionised holiday stays’ commercialisation. In November 2016, an article was already published in the Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management, pointing out that «Airbnb and other similar companies suppose a threat to […]

False missile alarm in Hawaii drops tourists’ perception of security

The archipelago’s visitors took 10 days to recover the feeling of security previous to the panic caused by the erroneous message from the emergency center.  There was no missile, but panic over a possible imminent bombing harmed Hawaii’s touristic image. The alarm over a ballistic missile launched by North Korea, issued last January 13 from […]

Barcelona drops in intention of trip among its main markets

Destination Barcelona loses competitiveness among the main European markets in the first quarter of 2018, according to the data analyzed by Mabrian Travel Intelligence platform.  The events that took place in the Catalan capital during the second semester of 2017 have affected tourists when choosing it as a holiday destination. The Islamic attacks of August 17 […]

Touristic satisfaction, affected by the climate change

The cold wave at the Canary Islands decreases the satisfaction shown by tourists. The Canary Islands, one of the most important Spanish touristic destination, sited in the African continent and characterised for being a sun and beach destination all year round, have been affected, since last December, by several cold waves and also storms that have directly […]

The Falles mark the touristic year in Valencia

Valencia’s Falles are the most mentioned tourist attraction in the capital of the Spanish Levante in 2017, ahead of non-seasonal interest points. The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, the Oceanographic Institute or the Albufera Natural Park are the 3 most mentioned tourist attractions in the last 12 months after the Falles. By nationalities, […]

The Instituto Turístico Hotelero awards Mabrian at FiturTech

The Smart Destination Awards, by the Instituto Turístico Hotelero (ITH), recognise the applicability of the platform created in Menorca and its contribution to added value. The first edition of the Smart Destination Awards, convened by the Instituto Turístico Hotelero (ITH), has awarded Mabrian in their category “Promotion and marketing of the destination”. This recognition was […]

The cold freezes tourists’ satisfaction in New York

The meteorological conditions have been noticeable during the first week of the year in New York city’s touristic perception index. Grayson storm, announced from the first days of 2018, was noted with harshness first thing in the morning of January 5, when the snow came to collapse the Big Apple, and the state of emergency […]

Vienna leads again the touristic perception indexes on New Year

It scores above 95 points in the global touristic perception index and in the touristic product index Vienna’s New Year, with the New Year concert as maximum venue, has leaded again the touristic indexes developed by Mabrian, from the Big Data generated by the sector. Both scores place the Austrian capital in a privileged place […]

Vienna, the best valued city by its visitors last New Year

The Austrian capital obtained a Mabrian global index of 96,41, ahead of Prague and Paris The global satisfaction data collected by Mabrian during lasts new year’s celebrations place Vienna as the best valued capital between December 31 2016 and January 1 2017, with a Global Tourist Perception index (GTPi) of 96,41. The Austrian capital is, […]

Mabrian presents its platform at the fourth Thinktur Technology Transfer

Last week, Mabrian took part in the fourth Thinktur Technology Transfer showroom, a forum organized by Thinktur (Tourism Technological Platform), where the most relevant actions of the sector are addressed every year. Carlos Cendra, Mabrian’s Customer Success Officer, explained the three cornerstones from the first tourism intelligence platform: First, the natural language processing algorithms used […]

The Eiffel Tower, the most mentioned attraction by tourists in Europe, according to Mabrian’s Travel Intelligence Platform

Analysis of the main tourist attractions from London, Paris and Madrid, according to their visitors. The Eiffel Tower, constitutes the most mentioned tourist attraction by Europe visitors on 2017, with more than 680 thousand mentions processed by Mabrian‘s BIG Data and Travel Intelligence platform, between January 1 and December 10. It is the best located […]

Brazil scored the best perceived security index among destinations from Latin America

It is the only destination that, during July and August, exceeded 90 points (93,02), ahead of Ecuador (89,97), Uruguay (89,37), Colombia (88,16) and Argentina (87,3) The security indexes perceived by travellers in the main destinations in Latin America were located (1/7-31/8) between 82 and 93 points (over 100), according to the data that Mabrian processes […]

Mabrian indexes: Global Tourism Satisfaction index

Thanks to the Big Data processing developed by Mabrian we can assess visitors’ satisfaction of a specific destination. This index, called Global Tourism Satisfaction index, is elaborated by crossing data in relation to the perception of the tourism product – calculated on Mabrian’s TPi-, the sensations reported about the area’s security –Mabrian PSi- and the […]

Madrid hotels are the best valued, according to internet users, among their main European competitors

Mabrian’s hotel satisfaction index places the hotels of the Spanish capital on 57,76 over 100, in front of London (55,28) and Rome (52,97). The Madrid hotel plant surpassed their competitors’ during October, according to the satisfaction index developed by Mabrian.  The ranking is produced from an advanced system of tourist behavior analysis, that combine Big […]

Recovery of security perception after a terrorist attack is faster every time

We compare the reaction of visitors during the attacks in Paris, Berlin, New York and Barcelona. Recovery of security perception index (SPI) in Western cities that have been victims of terrorist attacks has accelerated in recent years. Mabrian monitors this and other indexes related to tourism perception, with an advanced tourist behaviour analysis system, using […]

Correlation between hotel pricing and overall social mentions in Menorca, Ibiza and Madrid

As many of you already know, during the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring the correlation that exists between some of our indexes using social data, and other sources of data such as, temperature records. We have found interesting patterns emerging that helped us have a better understanding of traveler perceptions and expectations.